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Hurricane Marsh was founded by a group of dedicated sportsmen with a passion for the outdoors. The creek bottoms we hunted flooded quite often, and an old farmer told us the water was in and out like a hurricane.  The name Hurricane Marsh stuck.  Since then it has grown to more than just a place to enjoy the outdoors with our family and friends. It spawned a nomad lifestyle of pursuing our passion for the outdoors. This lifestyle leads us on countless adventures all year long.

Hurricane Marsh apparel began after the passing of Hunter, our black lab.  Everyone that ever went afield with Hunter was touched by his passing and wanted to memorialize him in a way to where his legacy on Hurricane Marsh would live on forever.  Hurricane Marsh apparel was born through a t-shirt in Hunter's honor.  Requests for Hurricane Marsh apparel became more frequent. So we took it upon ourselves to combine style,comfort and our demands for quality. This is reflected in all our apparel. The X line and the Bluefin Collection.

The Bluefin Collection is inspired by our love for salt air, the sound of the waves hitting the beach, the unknown with every cast......all the sights and sounds we call home. The summer always finds us enjoying the best the south has to offer. 

Waterfowl hunters are always in search of the X, the perfect spot, where the birds want to be. Doing whatever it takes to get there, to make it happen. Finding that X and making a mark is our goal. The X is what Hurricane Marsh is about. Finding the ultimate place to be, your escape, your place of solitude, your five o'clock on Friday. Making memories and new friends is our mark. No matter if you're chasing snow geese across the golden prairies of the North, to a crawfish boil with friends and family, we have you covered. Now it's your turn. Find your , make your Mark!



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