Hurricane Marsh

“The Boss” Long Sleeve T-Shirt


“The Boss” was inspired by a turkey hunt in my home state of Missouri this past spring. 100% pre shrunk cotton. Color Forest Green.

The gobblers were henned up and not talking much off the roost. I was walking and calling trying to get one fired up with no luck. A little past noon I walked into a spot we call the big woods. A spot that has stumped me and been a monkey on my back when it comes to notching a turkey tag. As I slipped in the big woods I would stop and call about every hundred yards or so. I stopped at a creek and started to yelp when POW! He let me know I was in his bubble. I made my way up the creek side and sat down next to a big oak tree. POW! He was closing the distance fast. Through the trees and underbrush I see a red, white and blue head coming down the ridge in a hurry. As he made his way to me in 3/4 strut he’s gobbling his head off in somewhat of an angry manor. more gobbling. All is quiet except for the flopping noise in the leaves from last fall that blanket the big woods. 

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